SOIF’s NGFP Fellowship works to address seven of today’s most significant challenges. Each one carries the potential for transformational change–and, if ignored, the risk of great harm to planet and people. These missions use the global talents of the next generation of policy-makers and campaigners to contribute to re-imagining radical solutions for change. 

The missions are about: Climate and just transitions; intergenerational fairness; democracy and governance; peacebuilding; nuclear security; emerging technologies; and futures methods from around the world.

We are looking for support and funding to facilitate intergenerational exchange, drive innovation, and foster learning, in each of these areas.

Climate and just transitions

Navigating a just transition to a climate-positive and resilient world is critical. Exploring what climate justice means for all and contributing to a sustainable future.

Democracy and governance

Building capabilities, institutions, and policy processes for 21st-century anticipatory governance. We are dedicated to safeguarding the interests of future generations through a forward-thinking and inclusive approach.

Emerging technologies

Navigating emerging technologies while addressing concerns of radical inclusion and the risks of intergenerational inequality.

Futures methods from around the world

Embracing diverse perspectives on challenging issues, rethinking possibilities for the future. Influencing change by questioning the status quo and fostering a future shaped by a richer range of cultural narratives.

Intergenerational fairness

Guiding decision-makers to act in accordance with intergenerational fairness is crucial. Striving to ensure present decisions meet current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

Nuclear security

Envisioning new models for nuclear security, promoting stability and safety on a global scale. Identifying the steps towards change in the face of a shifting global peace and security landscape.


Using strategic foresight to drive transformative change for a more peaceful present and future.

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