Wellington Nogueira


Restlessly looking for fun and joy in every aspect of life, Wellington Nogueira started his professional life as a teacher of English at Objetivo Educational Group in Brazil, in 1980. The classrooms inspired him to pursue a life onstage, so, in 1983 he moved to NYC to study Musical Theater Performance at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy, AMDA. Upon graduating in 1986, started acting in New York Theater, Film – Signs of LIfe, with Kathy Bates, Arthur Kennedy and Mary-Louise Parker – and Circus – NY Clown Festival, IF Every Fool.

In 1988, joined the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit, as Dr Calvin Clown, performing at several NYC hospitals. That marked the beginning of his journey into the ever fascinating universe of professional clowns in hospitals. Committed to bringing that innovative Art form to Brazil, he returned to his native São Paulo in 1991, and created Doutores da Alegria (Doctors of Joy), Brazil’s pioneer professional  “clown doctor” organization.

Brazil responded very well to the disruptive treatment by making room for research, training programs for doctors and health care workers and the launching of a public policy by the government, for the “humanization” (even though we are human already) of hospital services.

Recognition as Social Entrepreneur by ASHOKA in 1997 and the inclusion of Doctors of Joy as one of the 40 World Best Practices by The UN Habitat in 1999 assured Wellington that professional clown doctor training could be developed as  the basis for a profession of the future, for the clown has adaptability, empathy, ability to  function amidst crisis,  to see possibilities where they seem not to exist,  no fear of failure and, most importantly, unconditional availability to serve mankind through love and joy!

Wellington has been invited to speak at corporate organizations such as Amana-Key and Dom Cabral Foundation (both for High Executive Training) and TEDx events on the subjects of joy, happiness, purpose, social innovation and the Future of Work.

In 2014, The Institute For The Future, in Palo Alto, awarded Wellington the Fellowship4Good, where he focused on the relationship between Joy and Work, proposing new mindset and action for turbulent times of change: Play2Flow.

It is with great honor and joy that he will share that experience with the School of International Futures in London

He is happily married to filmmaker Mara Mourão and they are the proud parents of Theo.

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Actor, Clown, Teacher; Founder of Doutores da Alegria (Doctors of Joy)